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Practical tool for show offices

Step 1 - Create online events

Where do we start? It's all about an event where we want to publish what's happening with a program (like Toris or Vola) to the internet. So we need all competitions in a clear structured schedule, which we can best provide with additional information.

Because Vola and also the official results software of FN "Toris" can not publishing everything, we have an online schedule at equi-score.de available, where we can create all the competitions. Simply identical as in Toris, also with groups e.g. 04/1. Here we also have the opportunity to put more information on the schedule, such as show program or a subdivision into jumping and dressage arenas. Likewise, we can consider sponsors or championship ratings. Anyone who want show just a simple schedule with competitions, can upload the existing schedule simply by pressing a single button.

A complete schedule will be generated automatically from all existing competitions. This is the base for the later start and result lists.

During setup, the layout and the language in which the pages should be displayed are also queried. The available layouts are only a selection. On request it is also possible to create individual layouts. Not only the colors, but also the complete layout can be changed. Due to the template based engine there are no restrictions in the design. For the standard Layout the colors can be defined and stored for later events.

A custom Analytics tracking code is also available and for sure a caching algorithm so that the site does not slow in case of heavy user traffic.

Step 2 - Publishing data

Now everyhting is prepared online. Just have to find the data somehow the way to the Internet and then it would be done. Since the programs themselves have no interface to equi-score.com, we use a program that takes over this work for us. The latest version is always available in the equi-score.com BackOffice. If there are any updates available, you will automatically be notified after starting the program.

When the program starts, it automatically connects e.g. with Toris and already shows the competition overview of the current event. Unfortunately, we can not do anything with it, because the upload program does not know at this point where it should copy the data. For this we can login with the same data as for the BackOffice. After the successful login the selected event will be queried and the buttons in the program will become active after each competition.

Click on the "Upload" button and the competition will be published to the Internet. In order to copy the current competition state to the internet at regular intervals, a competition can be set to "Automatic". Any number of competitions can be set to automatic, depending on how much you need for parallel competitions in different arenas.

Now some questions will be for sure: "This will work only if I have a fast DSL connection?". This is a problem that we often had to learn in practice, that there is no internet at the showground and most of the time at the show office and UMTS remains a dream. The upload program of equi-score.com is prepared for such cases and packs all the data, so it in the automatic mode we copy just 2-3 kByte per minute (!) to the Internet. Fortunately, in our case, every GPRS connection should be sufficient, which means that if you can make calls via your mobile phone, you can also publish results via a stick and GPRS. equi-score.com also waives any special requests regarding access / ports to the Internet. If you can visit the equi-score.com website, you can also upload results, so easy!

Schritt 3 - and now?

In short, that's it! There are still many feature that we will not go into here in this short review. But after step 1 and 2, we are already ready, we are now able to publish results.

Everything has been automated as far as possible. The system automatically recognizes which competitions are "live", whether start times have been set for riders, whether prizes and placements exist, or whether judges are given and in which positions they are. Everything is designed to be as easy as possible and uncomplicated to use! We want you to be relieved and not takeing care about another technical issue!

Step 4 - What are the costs?

Nothing, the use of equi-score.com is completely free since April 2013. Our running costs for the operation of the servers are financed by advertising on the results pages.

Do you have any questions or did we got your interest? Write us or call us without obligation, we also call you back!

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